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The Future Is Female!

Updated: May 3

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The Future is Female

Definition: Women will make a comeback. The phrase implies they will claim power from the hands of men and use that power to assert themselves as the prominent people of the future. This slogan was created by lesbian feminist Kristen Hogan in 1972 but since then it has taken on many different meanings for women. Hillary Clinton has used it often during her campaign for president and in recent years it has become an anthem for women who advocate for more female everything.

My take on it: The past, present, and the future is female. We give birth to boys that become men. We raise our boys to become men and in some cases, we raise our men to become a man!! Funny but true. From the beginning of time, where would they be without us? They would be extinct! You see, men need us and that's one of our many superpowers. We are superwomen and we hold many positions in this world! I believe that the majority of us are prominent figures in the world. Let's get into it! We're billionaires, entrepreneurs, CEO's and bosses. We're single parents playing the role of mother and father. Yes, men are too but the statistics show that there are more women than men who are single parents.

We're household technicians, such as taking care of the daily operations in our homes like cooking, cleaning, managing and paying bills, taking care of the children, and disciplining them. On top of all that, we take care of our partners from everything to stroking their egos to serving them and satisfying them sexually. They say a way to a man's heart is food and a way to keep him is to make love often. Excuse my French but yes, there's power in the pussy and a delicious home-cooked meal! However, when those things fail those superpowers are no longer working for us.

What we have to realize is that our power comes in many different forms. It comes from our outward and inward beauty, our strength, our self-love, our self-worth, our power in prayer, and our power in numbers. Because when we choose to demand respect, fight back, and fight back together, there's zero tolerance. We become in control, we take back our power and we become powerful and not powerless! A perfect example is the Me Too Movement; we banded together and publicly spoke out about sex trafficking, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct, and with our voices, we took down men from very high places. To name a few, Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly, and Harvey Weinstein; the list goes on and on.

Women have also built a bridge of equality, that’s why we’re able to vote. When we take back our voices and stand together, we can be very powerful human beings! Female power is now! Like Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton, we're running for president. Like Jackie O and Michelle Obama, we're first ladies of our country and like Lady Diana, Meghan Markle, and Queen Elizabeth we are princesses and queens in other countries. Lastly, like you and me, we are modern-day self-appointed Queens! We really do run the world! The past, present, and future is female! We run this motha!

The Future Is Female. What does it mean to you?


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