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The best thing about transforming is the makeover!


Theresa Woods
Theresa Woods
Theresa Woods

Theresa Woods
Makeup Enthusiast

Natural beauty
Natural grey hair

I've always loved makeup. I was first introduced to it by my mother, a past beauty pageant contestant, and a Mary Kay consultant. I love the way makeup can transform me and I love the way it hides all of my imperfections. I've suffered from cystic acne all my life and what comes with that, is horrible acne scars. This picture captures me in a rare moment when my scars have healed. I'm makeup-free and feeling pretty confident. I'm not saying that I lack confidence but as a woman, there are times when I feel lackluster so every now and then, I can use a little boost, whether it's wearing makeup or just out and about looking my best.

Glamma Natural Grey Hair


Thank you, Nene Leakes for introducing me to that word. I'm a grandmother of two, and I love to play dress-up, eat right and work out to preserve my youth. Some say makeup ages you, well I say, it preserves you. The secret is to wear it to enhance your beauty, not to distort it by piling on too much.


See below to check out some of my favorite go-to looks.

Day To Night 
Transitioning Look

For an easy, natural look that's wearable all day and night. Not drawn on but try a natural brow look. Use concealer under your eyes for dark patches, then blend it in well with the rest of your skin. Then softly brush eyeliner and mascara on your upper and lower lids and lashes, use a medium natural skin, toned eyeshadow. Lastly, use a brown lip liner and a nude tinted gloss for your lips.

Fresh Makeup Looks

Special Occasion
Glam Look

It's a more defined look. Apply your foundation and concealer, and then use contouring makeup to highlight your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and around your face. Next, get that smokey eye look with a deep dark brown or sparkling black eye shadow and a light shimmer eyeshadow for the inner corner and top lids of your eyes. Put on your best-bought lashes and use an extra stroke of mascara and black eyeliner on your upper and lower lids. Define your brows with a brow pencil and highlighter and on the lips, use a bold matte lip color and medium or dark brown liner. Blend it in well, and then top your face off with a makeup setting spray.

Glam Makeup Idea's

Check out these beautiful looks below. From Natural with a pop of color to photo ready, bold glam, and my favorite; soft and simple, contouring.

Fresh Makeup Looks
NARS Eyeshadow
Natural Lipgloss Color's
Glam Makeup Idea's
Bold Eyeshadow Palates
Red Lipstick

Exclusive Queen Tips

Theresa Woods

1. I say no to drawing on your brows but it's your choice. Consult a professional they do it the best. Personally, I love a more natural look, so I would suggest defining the eyebrow lightly so it looks natural and not drawn on.


2. Apply your eye makeup first so stray eye shadow doesn't mess up your foundation.


3. Softly line the upper and lower rim of your eye with a dark bold color liner. Eyeshadow highlights in the corners of the eye are cool too.


4. Add lots and lots of mascara without causing clumps or use fun and sexy faux lashes.


5. Try a slightly sheer foundation for a more natural look. 


6. Use the baking technique with concealer and lose finishing powder for dark under-eye problem areas.

7. Use a darker shade of contouring makeup to your forehead, the outer part of your face, the top bridge of your nose, and under your cheekbone area with a blush brush to add angles and definition.


8. To get the bright and luminous look, finish with a highlighter and blush to your cheekbone area and highlight the tip of your nose and to the top of your lip.


9. Set and complete the look with Translucent powder and setting spray.


10. Last but not least, put your best matte lipstick on with a liner or lip gloss to complement your eyes. Remember bold eyes than soft lips or vice versa.  It's OK to do both bold depending on the occasion.

Bonus Tip: For the best pictures, perfect lighting helps too!  Also, don't forget in the summer and winter, your skin tone will change too so be sure to switch up your foundation and concealers.

Don't forget to take care of your skin.  Click below to learn more!!

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