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Some people may say hair is everything, I say we are not our hair. If you have no hair, short hair, gray hair, hair down to your ankles, or like to wear wigs daily, it's OK. Love what you're working with and then be daring and try different looks. Wigs, hair extensions, and perms are beautiful and fun but so is natural hair. Whatever you decide remember you are beautiful either way! Empowered Women Empower! Peace and Hair Grease!

Crochet Curly Hair Styles
Braids with Grey Hair
Gray Ponytail


GRAy Hair,

Whether you're wearing your natural locks curly, and spirally or cutting your hair low, so you can get up and go or a ponytail with your real hair or hair piece to proactive styles and other alternatives, such as quick weaves, sew-ins, crochet, braids, wigs, etc. These are all good when you want to take a break from your natural or processed relaxed hair! However, if you chose to wear a proactive style, you must still take care of your own hair in between. Depending on which protective style you wear and if maintained properly, these styles can last up to 2-8 weeks. Simple and quick hair weave installs include hair clip-in extensions, and long-lasting hair weave installs normally include a stocking cap, hair adhesive, and hair razor scissors.


If you decide on this method, if a deep condition and or protein treatment is overdue, your stylist will take care of it before they install your quick weave and will make sure your hair is nice and dry. Placing a cap on wet or damp hair can cause mold to develop on your scalp. The cost to get a quick weave installed varies and is based on the style. If you want to cut costs, buy your hair from Amazon and then Google some YouTube videos and DIY, just make sure you know what you’re doing! During or after changing up your hair, be daring and try some hair coloring. It's bold, beautiful, and fantabulous!


Below are some hair trends to try, quick, simple, easy, and versatile. Also, some product suggestions. (FYI: The hairstyles shown here are stock photos provided by Wix, the product links are provided by Amazon and the information was researched via Google, my own observation, inquiries, and styles created on me by my hairstylist Crystal.

If you're looking to try some new hair care products, I've listed some below that I have used for years. It does wonders to the texture of my short hair and provides a protective barrier to prevent damage and helps my hair to stay healthy and scalp clogging-free. Also, I have Alopecia Areata, and trying to grow back the hair on the crown of my head is a slow process but the good thing is, I am seeing new hair growth little by little. I have listed the products that I'm using for that as well. Please so below the latest hairstyle trends, they're unique, classy, and sassy! 

Blonde short afro
short hair with stylish barrettes
Long faux fur eyelashes
cornrows,  braids
hairbraids with color
hairbraids with beeds
Crochet Curly Hair Styles
Crochet Curly Hair Styles
Gray natural hairstyles
Elegant Hairstyle, hair bun
Pink hair, pink ponytail, shades with bling
Blonde Ponytail
rainbow hair
Colored  Afro
colored hair with braids
long wavy lace front wig
Lace front blonde wig
black long wig with a bang
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