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Keep Your Body In Motion

Not only is it crucial for a Queen to be fit mentally but also physically as well.  Strive to be the best version of yourself!



Trust me my journey to fit life hasn't always been easy.  You're not always going to feel, be or look fit.  It's about loving the skin that you're in and wanting to take care of it as you do with anything else that you love.  It takes one day at a time, step by step.  My advice is not to go hard because you'll set yourself up to crash and burn. However, stay focused and consistent.  3-4 times a week is good, just make it count.

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Motivation is key. Focus on what moves and inspires you

Per WebMD, exercising makes your muscles work and burns calories. Lots of activities count as exercise, like running, swimming, walking, jogging, and dancing. No matter your age, gender, or physical activity level, regular exercise can boost your physical and mental health. If you haven't exercised in a while, you may want to try easing back into it with moderate-intensity aerobics. Soon enough, you'll start feeling the positive effects of regularly moving your body.

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Women Jogging
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Planks Exercise


You own it, take care of it!

The Best Squat Excercises


Get fit wherever you go!

Whether you're at work, at home, on a getaway at a resort or cruise, at a park, or outside anywhere, this can be a fun way to stay fit wherever you go!  Do whatever it takes to stay active and keep that heart rate pumping for at least 15-30 minutes. This is a great way to clear your head from the day's stresses and to boost your mood. Don’t forget to stretch before and after work-outs to avoid any strained muscles.

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