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Bella Bond Co.

Meet, CEO Inga Frost


My First Birthday Frame!

My Memorial Moment, in My First Birthday Frame!



Bella Bond Co was started in 2020 by Inga Frost. Like many moms, Inga didn’t want to return to work after having her daughter Bella. She was enjoying the snuggles, celebrating new milestones, and simply bonding with her little one. Motivated by the idea that she could create her own schedule while providing a great life for her and her daughter, Inga decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She desired to do something she was passionate about, and the bond she shared with her daughter gave her just the right idea. It was without a doubt that she would create products centered around things she enjoyed with her daughter; like taking pictures, celebrating milestones, and wearing matching outfits. Inspired by the countless moments she and her daughter shared, she launched Bella Bond Co. Bella Bond Co designs products that help parents celebrate and create moments that bring joy along the journey of parenthood.


Bella Bond Co kicked off its product line with the  "My First Birthday Frame", which is the perfect First Birthday Gift. "The one-year milestone meant so much to me, and I wanted to capture it in a special way", said Inga. She created the "My First Birthday Frame" to capture a little one's big day in a special way, and to give parents the perfect way to display one of the most precious milestones!







Our purpose is to create positive connections between parents and their little ones, so beautiful bonds are formed.


IG: Bellabondco

Facebook: Bellabondco

When you see a Star, you see Crystal Starr!

Crystal Starr

My name is Crystal Starr.  I am a professional network marketer. My focus is to help empower others to become financially secure. The services that we offer include credit restoration, credit monitoring, identity theft protection, budgeting, and savings tools.  Also included in our protection plan are family care-type products such as Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, and access to a credit attorney as needed. My goal is to educate them on the importance of credit, how to build and utilize the system tools and boost their credit scores.

Credit is a huge component in determining the type of house we purchase, the car we drive, the job we obtain, the amount of our car insurance, and much more. My passion is to help as many people as possible break generational curses, change their family's whole trajectory, build wealth and leave a legacy.


I would love to set up a free consultation with you at your earliest convenience.  I can be reached at 908-501-5465.

Follow me @only1crystalstarr or Facebook Crystal Starr


To enroll in our services use the following link.

Looking forward to speaking to you in the near future.

Nyimah Smith
CEO of Boss Gloss

My name is Nyimah Smith and I was inspired by women who are entrepreneurs.  Boss Gloss is the name of my business, which I created in December 2019.  I started my own business because I wanted to make money and inspire other young ladies like myself.  Also, my mom and aunt who are twins inspired me too because they are their own bosses. They're definitely my motivation! I enjoy making lip gloss because that's when I have time to myself, it relaxes & soothes me. Putting on Boss Gloss always makes me feel good, I love the way it pops, shines, and feels so I'm always on my camera phone mirror! LOL! As of now, you can find my lip glosses on social media via  Instagram @_bossgloss_and Facebook: Nyimah Smith.  You can purchase by FB Messenger, Facebook, and DM me via Instagram.  Shine bright like a diamond!

Angela Stukes
CEO of Bag Fetish

My name is Angela Stukes and I am the owner and creator of Bagfetish.  I started sewing handbags in 2016.  I love clutches and bags that are different and that nobody else has.  I could never find what I was looking for in stores so I decided to learn how to make my own.  My grandmother and aunt taught me how to sew at an early age so I was familiar with using a sewing machine but I didn't know how to make clutch bags so I taught myself.  Once I was comfortable with my work I started posting pictures on my social media and everything took off from there.  I love my body of work and I'm glad my customers do too. I hope I can add style to your accessory wardrobe, I would love to. To purchase my products please visit

Professional Woman

Exclusive Pro Tips

How To Start Your Own Business

  1. Do Your Research

  2. Make a Plan

  3. Plan Your Finances

  4. Choose a Business Structure

  5. Pick and Register Your Business Name

  6. Get Licenses and Permits

  7. Choose Your Accounting System

  8. Set Up Your Business Location

  9. Get your team ready

  10. Promote your small business

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