Anti Depression

A Queens mental well being is very important, fight hard to stay afloat, get help and let the healing begin.

What does depression feel like?Depression feels like your sinking in quicksand, no more like drowning. Yeah, that's better, it feels like drowning! Why? Because no matter how hard you swim to save your life, you can't because your arms are tired and the currents keep pulling you in.  The shore is right there and you can see it and everyone you love is saying you can make it, keep going, keep going but you don't so instead; you drown. You simply give up and you drown. Depression sucks, you cry all the time and you're always sad, worried and have feelings of hopelessness. Thoughts of suicide become real when depression takes over your ability and will to live.  

What does depression look like?  Does it look like that woman lying in the bed in the picture below?  How do you know if you or your loved one is depressed?  This is how.  When you can't get out of bed when you're canceling nights out and taking days off from work just to lay in bed.  Your house is a mess, everything is in chaos in your life or maybe you're hanging out and binge drinking, getting drunk to oblivion.  When your body aches, you can't focus and can't eat or overeat.  When you have many sleepless nights and worrying about everything.  Anxiety kicks into overdrive and you cry at the drop of a hat.  You think the world is against you and you feel like a loser.  You hate yourself and you feel unloved.  You look in the mirror and think you're the ugliest person in the world. Yet through it all, you work, take care of the kids and your partner.  Instead of making yourself happy, you make everyone else happy, instead of taking care of yourself, you take care of everyone else. You wear a smile on your face in public but inside you're dying.  This is the hallmark card of depression.  Depression comes from so many things in life.  To name a few, PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, situational depression and chemical imbalance.  You can have everything in the world, be the best-looking person on the block and have a wonderful family and friends that treat you like a Queen but no matter what because of the illness of depression, it keeps your mind constantly in a repeat of negative thoughts. The thoughts in your head get louder and louder and unbearable at times.  You may think that someone who suffers from depression is crazy, they're not.  They're mentally ill and need help and a cure.  They can get help but a cure, there might not be one. Medication, therapy, meditation and prayer are all great remedies until they no longer work.  Bouts of depression are just that, they come and go and are brought on by triggers.  Loved ones are always walking on pins and needles.  They want to treat them the same as others but with kit gloves on.  Is it hard to care for someone who's mentally ill? yes, it can be. They have working parts, they're smart but broken and unpredictable. They can be quite scary at times.  You don't know if they'll hurt you, others or hurt themselves.  Some mentally ill people are cutters and suicidal.  A cutter is someone who cuts themselves to refocus pain, instead of the pain they feel in their head or heart, they inflict pain on their skin to redirect the pain.  Someone who is suicidal takes their own life or makes attempts to.  In some cases, they take others with them.  Sad but true.  I myself have suffered from depression mostly all my life and I've even made attempts to end my life.  So I ask you again, what does depression look like?  It looks like me or the person sitting next to you.  You never know who's fighting a never-ending battle in their head.  Never judge a book by its cover.  Never judge anyone who suffers from depression, instead get them help, support and love them and appreciate their very existence.

Image by Yuris Alhumaydy

Believe In Yourself Because The Best Gift Is You!

God is the best gift to our world and our parents are the best gift to us and you are the best gift to your parents and to the world. When I say parents, I mean your caregivers who loves you, nurtures and provides for you.  The ones you look up to and the ones you love the most.  No matter what you are going through, you are the best gift to them and it would break their heart to see you broken, to see you unhappy and to know that you think you are unloved.  To think that you don't matter when you do. Life is hard I know and some people may not have anyone who loves them but above all else, your father in heaven loves you, he created you in his image and he watches you, comforts you and protects you.  You just have to be open to believe and to receive it.  Your mind is a beautiful thing to waste, your beautiful mind and your beautiful self has so much to offer the world. Hang on my beloved, you'll see that in the end, you matter and you are God's gift to the world! You Are A Queen.  No matter what, show up as your highest self and believe and receive that! Be well! 


Help is available.  Contact your local therapist, minister or someone you can trust.  There are available resources online or speak with a counselor today at The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 or visit