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The Best Skincare Products


Favorite skincare products

My daily skin routine. I found these items at my local TJMaxx and Marshalls, so I said why not give them a try? I've been using them all now for years, and they do wonders for my adult acne. Not only that, they keep my face glowing, fresh, and clean. However, they're hard to find now, so my go-to place is Amazon. 

The Best Skincare Products

The importance of cleaning your face and removing all makeup

Facial Wash

It's so important to clean your face daily, to remove dirt, dead skin, pollutants, and excess oils. If not cleaned, then you are setting yourself up for ance breakouts, aging, and dehydration. I clean mine 2 to 3 times a day. In the morning, after workouts, and before I go to bed. Also, it's so important to clean your makeup products and replace them as often as needed to avoid bacteria.


Most importantly, if you love makeup, give your face a breather. You don't have to wear makeup daily, and if so, minimize it with a no-makeup look during the week, and then on the weekend glam it up, but don't cake it up. If you have acne-prone skin like mine, you'll want to use products that are not harsh. Read the ingredients and Google products that are just right for you.


When available and affordable, I've always used products that are natural-based, oil-free, and with 2% salicylic acid for acne. People have asked me why I look so young.  From my youth, my mom has always taught me to take care of myself from head to toe. Preserve your youth, because soon, gravity will start taking control everywhere! Yikes! LOL!


Well, she was right, and it has, but I do believe that because I started early, I have delayed the process from happening noticeably and rapidly. I'm not perfect and have many imperfections. However, I must say I'm proud of my youthful glow, and I'm glad to share some of my beauty secrets with you, from products that I use from makeup to skincare. I already named a few above, and just to name a few more, please scroll down.

Theresa Woods
Theresa Woods
Natural Beauty Makeup


Favorite makeup products

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