Every Queen wants to be in love and live happily ever after, we weren't made to be alone.  However, relationships take a lot of work.  There are so many failed relationships and it's kind of sad to know that even the best couples you were rooting for, didn't last.  So like you, I am also trying to find the secret formula to making a relationship last forever.  Let it be known, I'm not a relationship expert but I've had my fair share of experiences.  I've had short and long term relationships, I've been married and divorced twice and I'm currently engaged.  I'd be lying if I said my relationships were perfect.  I've been in abusive relationships where I was stalked, attacked, had a shotgun and a knife pulled out on me.  I've been lied to and cheated on and with several I'm sorry's and failed couples therapy; I completely checked out of the relationships and lived like I was a single woman. I filed for divorce, yes but I couldn't wait for it to be final, I just wanted out!  I have to admit, that I've had some great, long term relationships too but had to end them due to lack of commitment.  After a few years of being with someone, naturally you want to take it to the next level.  Even though I've ended relationships because of that, sometimes it made me want to throw my hands up and say; I can't do this marriage thing again but I prayed and said God even though they weren't made for me, I always knew I was made for it.  Besides, I'm in God's favor and I believe in the union of marriage and what it stands for.  However, God gives me the wisdom to know when it's time to walk away.  He doesn't want us to be unhappy nor does he want us to be in harm's way.  In my pursuit of love and happiness, I've learned that not everyone that you fall in love with will mistreat you, lie or cheat on you.  I've learned that even the sweetest guy is not perfect and neither am I.  I've learned that no matter what, first and foremost, put God first, love yourself, communicate effectively, be mindful and live a balanced and honest life. I've learned that being alone is ok and having a partner does not complete me but with one, it makes life just a little bit sweeter.  

Written By: Theresa Woods

What does your pursuit of love and happiness look like? Are you in pursuit of it or have you given up?  When we let life get us down, we start to doubt the good in us and in other people. We end up feeling alone and unlovable. When you're not committed to someone and have been single for a while, you might begin to lose hope that you will ever find someone who loves you for you. When time passes by, you sit back and watch all of your friends in long term relationships, engaged or already married. Deep down inside you want to grow old with someone but there's doubt that it may never happen.  The extremity of this doubt comes into play when you feel unloved or not worthy to be loved, admired, desired or even considered.  Maybe high standards have gotten in the way that no one could meet because you've set the bar too high or maybe it was lovers who've played you like a fiddle and broke your heart into tiny little pieces.  Because of that, you've decided to go it alone because maybe you feel that no one will care for you in the way you want them to. 

Let's assume that true happiness will be found unrealistically.  In this case, a partner who will always be there for you, who will always be supportive of you and do everything you say, who will never hurt you and who will never leave you.  In a perfect world, life is grand and everyone is worthy to be loved!  It's not a perfect world though and life is not always grand.  However, if you can overcome your doubt of being alone and overcome your fear of giving love another try and learning to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, you will be able to connect with the hope of having a partner that's sent just for you.  Be willing to change, people, places and things and invite the newness in and when you hear the whispers in your head that tell you that you are unlovable and will end up alone, acknowledge that those whispers are not of God and then say, I Am A Queen!  You are worthy to be loved, please know that.  Hugs and Love!

Written By: Theresa Woods

Love, Lust & Trust

Sexual frustration, Temptation, finances and mid-life crises in my opinion are the route of all evil in relationships.  However, God-fearing relationships with a strong bond may be luckier than one without. Having a strong bond makes it easier for couples to trust in God and each other enough to talk openly about their desires, needs and disappointments; before sabotaging the relationship. While having conversations with couples that I know, they've shared that practicing awareness helps them to commit to making their relationship stronger if disagreements and thoughts of infidelity arise. Well, kudos to them but what about couples who are less bonded and become more complacent?  What about if one partner is giving it their all and has everything to offer in a relationship but still gets deceived?  The bottom line is you can be Mr. Rogers or Mary Poppins and still fall by the wayside. Love, lust and trust go hand in hand. Some people love to lust over something new.  At some point in a relationship, it may happen. With unresolved underlying issues, those lustful yearnings will more than likely transform into actions and unbeknownst to the soon to be brokenhearted, they have no opportunity to intervene.  With that being said, put your trust in God, man is just a man. Rebuke lust so that true love prevails! Work as a team when it comes to finances, make date nights and sexy time a priority.  Pray together to stay together. Take note and be aware of the changes in your partner, appearance, schedule and behavior.  If it doesn't work out, know when to walk out. It's ok to believe in the union of marriage but it's also ok to know that God wouldn't want you to be unhappy.  

Written By: Theresa Woods

Let's Stay Together

Love Drunk

When a man truly loves his woman and a woman truly loves her man, they love deep, so deep that they can't eat nor sleep. They love hard, their love is….. Imperfect. It’s so intense, it seems so wrong. They hate that they love each other so much, they grow apart but they stay to figure it out. Love is stronger than pride. Obstacles are bigger than their issue. A love story? Fairy tales are for dreamers. Lord let them sleep, a happy ending is in need.  Their body speaks, let’s make love now & so they do. You’re amazing he says, issue forgotten. Sex a temporary fix, like a drug it consumes & overwhelms them. Love empowers them. They're love drunk. Always one, friends and lovers. God bless them & keep them. Amen.


Written by: Theresa Woods