A Single Mom & Her Journey

“Surviving the Struggle to achieve your Success”

As a single mother in the military, I know about ‘Surviving the Struggle to achieve your Success.” I never would have made it, and still would not make it, without the prayers of my mamma and the grace of God. My son was born prematurely at 7 months, my ex-husband (fiance at the time) was suffering from alcoholism; I got married and a year later, divorced my ex-husband and moved out with me and my son’s clothes in black trash bags and started completely over by myself. I worked 2 part-time jobs, including my career, studied in school and received a promotion during my transition. My son live with my family in Louisiana for almost 6 months, while I worked to create a better life for him. After 2 years of hard work, I transferred overseas for over a year, while my son lived in Virginia with his father. I paid for the divorce, and agreed to joint custody of our son; and no, his father does not pay child support. This was a decision that I made. When my ex-husband and I separated, he told me, “Get out. I want to see how you’ll be able to survive and pay bills on your own.”When we walked into our empty apartment for the first time, my 2 year old looked around and said, “Mommy, I won’t to go home.” I held in my tears and said, “Babe, we are home.” I was determined to prove to myself, and my son, even though he still does not know it, that he and I can survive through anything together, and we have. This is just an overview of the past 6 years of my life, so many more details about setbacks and success will be shared later. I hope that what I share about my life can help encourage women that they can also “Survive their Struggle to achieve their Success.”

~CiCi Thomas

Budgeting As A Single Parent

Summer is almost here. You know what that means...we have to buy summer clothes for the kids! I know, it’s not exactly the first thing you want to think of about summer, but as mothers, it’s one of our many jobs :)  Budgeting as a single mother is not easy!!!


Some Coupon Apps To Download 

Krazy Koupon Lady

Coupon Cabin




  • Every-time you go into a store, you should check online to see if there are any coupons for the store. If you’re like me & going to the store is an unexpected trip, you can check while you’re in line. 

  • Ask if they price match. You might hear  “No” a lot more than “Yes,” but it never hurts to ask. Sometimes they require proof of the sale.

  • Military Discounts are my favorite. Some places will not ask you, so you have to remember to ask them. 


Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be able to use a coupon or military discount. Maybe both if I charge as separate transactions - pay one first, then the other. I try not to shop on weekends or get it done early in the mornings. 


“Once Upon a Time” is a great thrift store for babies and young children. They have amazing items for great prices. You can also ask about selling some gently used items of your child’s. They’ll let you know their criteria & what they accept. 


Once Upon A Time

2277 Upton Dr #708

Virginia Beach, VA 23454



Some great stores for kids clothes shopping

  1. Ross Dress for Less

  2. Burlington 

  3. Family Dollar

  4. Dollar General 

  5. Wall Mart

  6. Payless

  7. Children’s Place

  8. Old Navy

  9. Amazon

  10. Navy Exchange 


FYI: Of course we know the malls & outlets have stores with brand name items. 



Happy Shopping!

~CiCi Thomas