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With Mike Watson


By way of VA, Mike Watson the owner and operator of I Fix Cars has been in business for over 11 plus years and a Mechanic for over 21 years. Mike has been brought on to help us maintain our vehicles. It's important to take care of our cars so that our cars can take care of us.   Empowered Women Empower!

FYI: If you have a question concerning your vehicle or need advice, please visit the contact page and send an email and your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Exclusive Pro Tips

7 car-care tips for women

  • Create a preventive maintenance checklist. ...

  • Check your engine air filter. ...

  • Check your engine oil and filter. ...

  • Know how to check tire pressure and change a tire. 

  • Control your gas consumption. ...

  • Clean and replace worn wiper blades. ...

  • Stay calm in an emergency.

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