Business Queens

In the workplace, the world is increasingly recognizing the contributions of women in all walks of life. We have learned that even though more women have joined the workforce around the world, their role as the woman of the house and homemaker hasn’t diminished. Today’s women aren’t just balancing a lot, they’re working hard at their jobs, they're helping to build businesses and they're creating and building their businesses. They're planning big things for our future generations. To add, women are more likely than men to encourage other women to pursue traditionally male-dominated fields and take on leadership roles in the workplace but whatever job you work either it is a 9-5 like myself or owning your own business, love what you do and if you don’t; turn it around and make it work for you until you find something better. Have a plan, set goals, clear your mind, be positive and if you believe in prayer, pray daily. I can testify that prayer changes everything. I'm in the travel industry of now over 23 years and working for the same company. With many great benefits, a family-like atmosphere and through the ups and the downs, I've decided to plant my feet there for now. With that being said, I'm thankful that I have staying power. It looks good on your credit report and your application when applying for a job or trying to rent or buy a home. Jobs do not come by easy, so regardless if you work at a fast-food restaurant or you're an Entrepreneur remember to never burn bridges and to be thankful. My Fiance' is a successful Entrepreneur of 11 plus years. Owning a business is not easy he says, it comes with lots of blood, sweat and tears. I'm learning from him that prayer, time, dedication and the love for your business are all you need to stay afloat; after that everything else falls into place. I'm looking forward to helping him with his business so that it can become more successful. While your browsing, please be sure to check out the Car Care tab. Lastly, if you have a job like me; remember there’s someone out there without one, who would love to take yours! Everyone has bills to pay and mouths to feed. Stay focused, handle your business, grind hard and get that money Queen! Please see below some tips on how you can prepare for your workday.

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Get Ready For The Day

  1. Get in the right mindset.

  2. Practise prayer and meditation daily.

  3. Plan your day.

  4. Prioritize your tasks.

  5. Squeeze 10 min of exercise. Exercising before heading out to work can be an effective way to energize your mind and body so you're ready to face the day.

  6. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Set Goals

  1. Focus on what you can control and have a plan for the rest.

  2. Get clarity on your team's structure.

  3. Go beyond immediate tasks and think of the big picture.

  4. Get clarity on what goal achievement would look like.

  5. Think about your career path in the long run.​

  6. Schedule periodic check-ins.

  7. Talk to your boss.​

Always Reach High

When we start small, we can plan early successes that will inspire us and motivate us and encourage us to keep going.  If we try to achieve too much at the start and fail it can be demotivating.  Don't give up, just keep going. Over time, small successes and improvements can accumulate into big successes

Use Your Resources

In order to stay in business and manage an enterprise and achieve the desired outcome. You must use your resources.  Three most basic resources are land, labor, and capital, other resources include energy, entrepreneurship, information, expertise, management, and time.

Exclusive Pro Tips

How To Start Your Own Business


  1. Do Your Research

  2. Make a Plan

  3. Plan Your Finances

  4. Choose a Business Structure

  5. Pick and Register Your Business Name

  6. Get Licenses and Permits

  7. Choose Your Accounting System

  8. Set Up Your Business Location

  9. Get your team ready

  10. Promote your small business

FYI: Google web search and Entrepreneurs that you may already know, are a great source in finding all the information that you need to know on how to start your own business.